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Rainbow Tie Collection – Add Color to Your Wedding Day

Many couples get stumped when it comes to wedding day color schemes. He likes man colors such as blues and browns. She envisions a perfect pink wedding decor scheme with a unicorn prancing in the background of an outdoor field wedding. Uh-huh. Just thought I would throw the unicorn in for good measure to see if you are reading along.

Avoid one inevitable wedding planning drama by making the choice of color scheme an inclusive one: pick every darn color you can imagine. When it comes to color, we say, the more the merrier!

Color is a great option for brides and grooms that want to make a vivid statement for their wedding. Color ignites the visual sense and makes everyone take notice. Used correctly, the right color combination of wedding attire and decor can make for wonderful memories of your wedding day.


The Rainbow Tie Collection

Introducing a necktie package we have put together called the Rainbow Tie Collection. For adventurous brides and grooms who are not afraid to use all of the color wheel.

If you haven’t decided on a color scheme for your wedding, a rainbow color approach can work. A popular wedding blog I frequent daily, its one of my other day jobs after all, has some good examples of rainbow bridesmaid dresses that I think give an excellent visual. After all guys, we are visual creatures, are we not?

Bridesmaids in bright blues, oranges, reds, yellows and greens add a stylish effect to a bridal party as well as add a bit of flair to your wedding photos. Get your groomsmen involved by giving them all a different solid color necktie to wear.

Choose between our three rainbow tie packages and save 10%, 15%, or 20% off your entire order. Be sure to enter the applicable discount code listed below.

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