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Christmas Preparations & Photo Shoot

We had a blast putting up the Xmas tree on the weekend and decided to conduct an impromptu photo shoot the next morning. A little post-eggnog hangover, along with limited Christmas props, can create a surprisingly good effect for an amateur photo shoot.

Give your Christmas decor a real sense of style this year. I present to you my Christmas decor with neckties!


Dog Wearing Green Necktie in Santa Hat

My personal favorite is this white statue ‘dog wearing green necktie. A real original work of art in my books. Don’t worry, its not a real dog. No dogs were forced to wear neckties against their will.

One day you may see it as an installation in the Guggenheim or similarly bizarre showcase. I struggle to understood the appeal of artistic creative license at museum exhibits. I dare say I am not alone either. I should clarify: I did not understood until I photographed a white dog statue wearing a necktie. In my own twisted and weird imagination, never did I suspect that I would be taking photographs of strangely exciting and fascinating subject matter.

The poor inanimate K-9 piece of plaster never knew what hit him. With or without the santa hat, this dog now has some serious style.


Vintage Santa Claus in Red Necktie

Let’s move on to a more festive piece – Santa. At first, I thought this vintage Saint Nick was too stately and cherished to sport a red necktie. Boy was I wrong. Nothing says “North Pole Chic” like a matching cap and red necktie. Pair with a vintage oil lamp, leather strapped satchel, and over-sized crimson robe, and you have yourself a runway worthy Santa Claus to decorate your home.

In fact, I may write to the manufacturing company to suggest that they add an official necktie to all of their Santa Claus ornaments. Who knows, this could start a Santa necktie revolution! Okay, maybe just in the groomtie household.


Necktie Logs and Stag Decor

Finally, we complete our ensemble with this stunning rolled necktie log motif complete with silver stag candle holder. Who knew that stacking these blue neckties could be so difficult. I think I gave up at one point, only to have The Ghost of Martha Stewart Past tell me to forge on and stack those ties! Lucky for me, I minored in stacking beer bottles in university. So that worked out well in the end.


We had a good time shooting our neckties this year. I wonder if the 2015 Christmas photo shoot will include a live reindeer? That could be interesting to pull off.

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