Custom Neckties

Need to Order A Custom Necktie Color or Pattern?

“I know GroomTies does not carry every solid color tie known to man. We are not some big box retailer with millions of SKUs. GroomTies focus is the men’s wedding attire niche. We don’t want to be all things to all people. Its the reason I name and write unique descriptions for each necktie in our inventory – to entertain and inspire you about that particular tie. I try to become as knowledgeable about the color, fabric, and style of the products in the shop as I can. Great service only comes from being passionate about your product. I hope you can tell that we are passionate about men’s wedding wear.

My wife is in the wedding industry too and is lucky enough to look at wedding photos and color schemes all day – she runs a popular wedding blog. I may not be a fashion expert, but years of looking at trendy wedding color schemes makes me more savvy than 99% of people out there!

Through my network, I have access to a variety of quality colors and patterns that I can source for you from trusted partners. Contact me directly (andrew [at] or use the form below and I will work with you to get the right necktie color or pattern that you need for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to reach out for advice or help in choosing a necktie.

Just make sure you don’t email me the night before you say your vows! That might be a bit difficult to find neckties at the last minute. Get in touch at least three weeks before your wedding date and I will work hard to find you great ties at a fair price.”

— Andrew, Owner of GroomTies


If you’re interested in Custom Ties and would like to find more information regarding:

  • Pricing
  • Estimated Shipping Time
  • Design and Style options
  • Custom patterns

Please contact us using the form below. Make sure to include some basic details:

  • Estimated Quantity
  • Ideal design, color, pattern, etc
  • Deadline
  • Picture (If available)

Once we receive your email, we’ll review the details and contact you further.

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